SPEEDBOAT killer Jack Shepherd has had a date set for his challenge against his manslaughter conviction.

The 31-year-old web developer went on the run after being convicted of killing 24-year-old Charlotte Brown, from Clacton.

He admitted breaching bail and absconding when was brought before the Old Bailey in April after being extradition from Georgia.

Charlotte died after the boat Shepherd had bought to “pull women” flipped into the River Thames during a champagne-fuelled first date in December 2015.

He was sentenced to six years imprisonment after being found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence but fled trial.

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Shepherd, originally from Exeter, handed himself in to police in the capital Tbilisi in January, telling reporters it was a "tragic accident".

Court of Appeal judges, sitting in London, will now hear his appeal on Thursday, June 13, a spokesman for the judiciary confirmed.

Shepherd previously appeared at the court and pleaded not guilty to manslaughter by gross negligence.

Jurors heard he and Ms Brown had been drinking champagne and went on a late-night jaunt in his boat past the Houses of Parliament on their first date.

Shepherd had handed the controls to Ms Brown just before it capsized, tipping both of them into the cold water, the court was told.

He was plucked from the Thames alive, but his date was killed.

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Following his return from Georgia, Shepherd, appeared at the Old Bailey and was sentenced to an additional six months for breaching bail.

Charlotte’s mum Roz Wickens, who works for Tendring Council, previously told the Gazette the family were “totally shocked” that an appeal is going to be heard.

She said: “There’s nothing the family can do about it. We’ve just got to sit and wait for another court hearing.

“How a man not even in the country, convicted of manslaughter, could get legal aid beggars belief.

“To say it has been immensely difficult is an understatement.

“There’s no moving on for me and there never will be.

“As a mum, there’s not a lot I can do other than sit back and try to cope the best I can."