FORTNIGHTLY rubbish collections is a controversial new scheme that is just days away from beginning in Tendring.

Wheelie bins, which have led to further concerns about space and the look of the district, are coming along at the same time.

But despite the roll-out of the service happening on Monday, June 10, residents still have questions.

Jon Hamlet, street scene manager for Tendring Council, said the change may take getting used to.

He added: “We realise that putting your rubbish out is something that hasn’t been changed in Tendring for many years, and developing a new habit – whether that’s a different collection day or using a wheelie bin – can take some time.

“That is why we’re putting as much information out there as we can now, so people can start preparing for the change.”

Homes without a front garden or side access, such as flats, will remain on a weekly black sack collection.

Recycling, food and garden waste collections are unaffected, though people’s collection days may change.

The roll-out will begin on June 10 and will take around ten weeks to complete. Details of residents’ waste collection arrangements will be included with their new bins, if they have them, or otherwise delivered to homes.

For more information visit new-waste-service.