A KUNG fu warrior proficient in the use of five deadly weapons completed a gruelling two hour test to earn her black sash... at the tender age of ten.

Kiyalouise Crisp, from Kirby Cross, capped off five years of hard work by mastering the different forms of the Fei Lung Dao style.

The Hamford Primary Academy pupil underwent a series of gruelling trials testing her physical strength and endurance.

Sifu Kevin Rigby, of Fei Lung Dao Kung Fu, praised the “incredible” achievement.

“This is a very young age to achieve black belt,” he said.

“She just came on leaps and bounds.

“In all the years I have been practising Kung Fu this is the youngest grading I have done.

“The youngest before that was 19.

“It is a hell of an achievement - I have no doubt she could beat me up now.

“She is very sporty, very fit, she never needs a warm up.”

Kiyalouise has a collection of weapons including a sword and a set of daggers, which she keeps at home for practise.

Throughout her time at the club she has learned how to use 16 different weapons, including nunchucks and a short staff.

Sifu Rigby added: “The majority of the test is form work - much of this is set moves against an imaginary opponent.

“For the black sash, this is everything you have learned from white through to black.

“We have eight sashes before you get to black and on average it takes four to five years to get there.

“The form must be exact, one punch out of sync and it is a big mark against you.

“Then there is the combined fitness test, which involves an average of 15 different types of sit ups and push ups.

“She will have done 120 press ups and sit ups.

“They test on five different weapons, we actually practise with 16 different weapons.

“She is a superb kicker because of her gymnastics background.

“Once you get to black then you begin to learn the ins and outs of the styles.”

The experienced Sifu, a 6th degree black sash, has learned 11 different styles since he started his training at the age of nine.

His school has been running for 27 years in Clacton, using the Trinity Methodist Church, in Pier Avenue, as its base for the past five years.

He teaches the Fei Lung Dao style, established in 1991, which utilises blocks, punches, kicks, throws and locks in a close quarter system.

Proud mum Hayley Straight said: “She was nervous but I told her to pretend she was standing in front of all her friends at school.”

“Some of her training involved the use of weapons and we have to make sure she has them all - she has a proper sword and a set of daggers. Obviously they can’t be taken out so they are carefully kept at home.”

Fei Lung Dao teaches anyone from the age of five and above, with the first session free of charge.

Sessions, available at one, two or three hours duration, run every Wedensday from 6pm until 9pm. For more information, call Sifu Rigby on 07908 290596.