A COMMUNITY-SPIRITED garage sale will raise cash to keep a village looking trim.

Volunteers with Kirby In Bloom hold an event each year to raise funds to ensure they can carry on their good work.

On Saturday, May 11, from 10pm until 4pm, several homes across the village will be holding garage sales.

A map, available for purchase from the village post office in Walton Road, will guide visitors to the locations where the sale is taking place.

Some participants will also open their gardens to the public, while tea and coffee will be on offer.

Carolyn Byford-Smith, Kirby In Bloom volunteer, said: “This money is vital to help our work around the village.

“This year we spent some of the money on turning our telephone box into a book share.

“People can grab a book and put one back and it is a really nice use for it.”