AN opportunist thief who made off with an oak mantle from outside a home in Thorpe is being warned to pay up – or face the law!

Robert Lidster said the solid oak mantle, along with shelves, were for sale outside his home in Landermere Road.

CCTV images show the items were taken at about 5.30pm on April 26, but that no money was left.

Mr Lidster hoped the person who took the wood would return to pay, but they have yet to do so.

He has now given the culprit a week to pay up - or he will report the incident to the police.

He said: “The oak mantle was up for sale, along with other items, at the front of my property.

“The thief had knocked at the front door, presumably with the intention of paying for the wood, but on receiving no answer, decided to leave with the wood, but without making payment.

“On the assumption that the thief was probably someone who passed my property on their way to and from work, I decided to give the thief ample time to call back with payment, before taking the matter to the police.

“At the price I was selling the solid oak mantel, I was almost giving it away.

“This obviously, wasn’t enough for the thief, who preferred to pay nothing.

“Thankfully, I do have a camera on the outside wall of my property, which has a clear view of anyone approaching my front door.”

Mr Lidster said his neighbours also have cameras on their properties.

He added: “I will be reporting this theft to the police, giving them the CCTV footage that we have, if the thief has not either returned the stolen item, or made payment within a week.”

“If payment is received, no further action will be taken.”