Nigel Farage called on the people of Clacton to “not give up” on Brexit at a rally with his new party in the town.

The former Ukip leader toured the coastal town after launching the Brexit Party to contest the European Union elections.

As part of a series of rallies across the country, he visited Clacton in his own Brexit Party bus.

Mr Farage enjoyed a cold pint in the sun at the Moon and Starfish pub, in Marine Parade East, before heading to Clacton Pier for a rally with supporters.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Rally - Farage sits down for a pint at the seafront pub

Speaking to the Gazette, Mr Farage said: “We are here again because the EU elections are going to happen.

“I think it's unstoppable - the EU elections will go ahead because Parliament has not delivered on the will of the people.

“If we trusted this lot they would keep kicking the can down the road.

“The people of Clacton voted for Ukip and that’s one reason why we are here with the new Brexit Party.  It’s about democracy being delivered in our country.”

He added: “This is the most patriotic and Eurosceptic town in the whole country.
“I say to the people of Clacton don’t give up and don’t be downhearted.

“We beat them last time and we will beat them this time.”

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Support - Farage shouted encouragement from atop his Brexit bus

During the rally, Mr Farage told a crowd of hundreds: "We are going to fight back and we are going to win.

"I was asked earlier by a journalist 'what would Brexit do for a town like Clacton?'

"Clacton is rather special. Clacton is the most patriotic and eurosceptic town in the whole of this country.

"Brexit will make us proud of who we are as a nation once again - and you can't put a price on that."

"Just look out to the North Sea - and half of it should be ours."

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Crowds - Hundreds of supporters turned out to join the rally

One Farage fan, Jenny Pearmain, 58, from Burnham Court, Clacton, said: "I thought he was inspirational. I voted for Brexit and have never seen politicans let us down so much. I really hope Nigel saves Brexit."

Aileen Kelly, from Clacton, added: "I love Nigel. He tells the truth as it is. I was surprised to see so many people come to see him in Clacton, but I'm sure most people here will still support him."

In 2014, Mr Farage helped Ukip’s first elected MP Douglas Carswell sweep to victory in a high profile by-election in Clacton.

Mr Farage has now launched the Brexit Party to contest the European Union elections after claiming voters are “disgusted” with Prime Minister Theresa May over the delay of Brexit.

Mr Farage expects his new Brexit Party to “sweep the board” at the European elections next month and claims his party has already attracted more than 60,000 registered supporters. 

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Smiles - Nigel Farage and fellow candidates at Clacton's Venetian Bridge

Clacton's Conservative MP Giles Watling said: "I hope Nigel had a very enjoyable time in Clacton and enjoyed the sunshine. The more success he has, the more it will focus the minds of our negotiators to get the deal done."

Former Tendring councillor, and Brexit Party candidate, Matthew Patten also spoke at the rally.

Mr Patten is former chief executive of cricket and disability sports charity The Lord’s Taverners and was councillor for Bradfield, Wix and Wrabness. 

He said: "We are going to cause a revolution and make sure that Brexit means Brexit."

The party's Eastern region candidates Micheal Heaver and June Mummery also spoke at the event.