THERE is no such thing as baby steps for little Freya Minter, who has learned to walk by herself at just six months old.

Freya was born in September at Colchester Hospital, and her parents, Grace and Ryan, said she was always an alert baby.

However nothing could have prepared them for the day their daughter started walking by herself at six and a half months old.

Now seven months old, she spent the Easter weekend running around the garden, with her parents following closely behind her.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

Babies are not usually taking their first steps until they are at least 10 months old.

Grace, of King George Road, Colchester, said: “She was super alert from day one. She has always tried to fight sleep and she has just learnt everything really quickly.

“From two months old she was trying to stand on her feet, and she was sitting up unaided at four months.

“About that time she also started walking but holding our fingers. Now, she will just see something and dive for it.”

Passers by are shocked when they see Freya walking by herself outside, as she is so petite, making her look even younger.

She is still wearing size 0-3month clothes and only weighs 13 pounds.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette:

But her size is no setback and it has been suggested she enters into the Guinness Book of Records.

About ten years ago it was reported two baby boys, from Cambridge and Harlow, started walking at six months old.

However Grace says she believes there have been no reports of baby girls walking at such a young age.

Grace, a teacher, said: “She constantly wants to be on the move, we have a little Staff and she loves following him around.

“She loves her food, she will try and run after your crisps if you’re eating them. She’s just happy all the time - she never sleeps during the day, you’re lucky if she has a 20 minute nap.”

Grace and husband Ryan, who works in sales, say Freya loves attending baby sensory groups, and they have been taking her swimming since she was six weeks old.

Grace added: “She isn’t happy if she’s just chilling. She has to be doing something.

“We were completely surprised when she started walking. I knew she would be quick but not that quick. It’s unbelievable.”