A STROKE victim has made an incredible recovery after being told he would not be able to walk again.

John Walker, 72, has been made the Anytime Fitness member of the month despite suffering a stroke three years ago.

Mr Walker, a grandad-of-three from Clacton, had muscle wastage in his left arm, leg, back and chest.

He could barely lift anything on his own and needed assistance.

So John decided take up hydrotherapy - a form of water treatment - and he gained some movement back in his legs.

He decided to join Anytime Fitness, in Clacton, and started to have sessions with personal trainer Steve Oldhamsted twice a week.

On his first visit to the club he met with manager Joe Dines and discussed his difficulties and what brought him to joining the club.

John asked the club if it could help with his condition, and staff were determined to help.

Joe said: “After hearing about these obstacles he had faced previously, we arranged a free one-to-one session with personal trainer Steve.

“Steve has guided him through movements and since then he has been able to use the leg extension, leg press and chest press by himself.”

John first called the gym to ask if he would be allowed to join with the conditions he faced.

A spokesman for the gym said: “Upon meeting with Joe in the club and discussing his background, Joe accompanied John onto a recumbent bike with his physio to test out his abilities.

“He initially struggled to get on the bike and get started, but with our assistance we were able to get John in a position to exercise effectively and we could see John wanted to succeed. We are so proud of John.”

He can now complete 15 minutes on the bike on “level nine resistance”, compared to when he started on “level two resistance” for less than five minutes.

John has also made progress with his left wrist which he is now able to keep in a straight line while chest pressing.

John said: “I felt I had reached a point where I needed another push.

“I decided to take up personal training with Steve and have loved every minute of it.

“I will aim to continue my journey throughout 2019 where I will hopefully gain even more strength and mobility through the support of the fantastic staff.”