RESIDENTS are urging supermarket bosses to introduce a coin-operated system after trolleys were dumped in a ditch.

Angry homeowners in nearby Sillett Close said the trolleys have been removed from the Tesco store at Brook Retail Park in Clacton and are being dumped along the Pickers Ditch path leading to the Cann Hall estate.

Clacton North county councillor Andy Wood said residents claim Tesco occasionally retrieve trolleys from the ditch but that it is an “eyesore”.

“As many as 17 trolleys have been dumped along the path and in the ditch,” he said.

“Other supermarkets run a coin-operated trolley system and residents would like to see that introduced here.

“Shoppers just help themselves to trolleys and then they take the trolley off site towards the Cann Hall estate, before dumping them at the entrance to the estate.

“The supermarket seems to have no control over this.

“The trollies get caught up with other dumped rubbish.

“Residents living near to the store should not have to put up with this.

“It is disgusting and a real eyesore.

“Not only would I appeal to Tesco to take action but for residents to stop taking trolleys off the site.”

Mr Wood said residents have contacted Tesco, asking for a coin-operated system to be introduced, but were told that would not happen as customers do not like it.

Mr Wood added the trolleys are being dumped on the Pickers Ditch walkway between Sillett Close and the new entrance to the drive-through McDonald’s at Brook Park West.

He said residents are concerned the trolleys - along with other rubbish - could cause flooding by blocking up the waterway once the new retail park is completed.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We’re disappointed trolleys are being removed from our Clacton superstore and would encourage people to keep trolleys on site.

“When trolleys are removed we work with Trolleywise to collect and return them and we’re looking into this issue urgently.”

Workers at the new McDonald’s restaurant collected 20 bags of rubbish during a litter pick last month.

Mr Wood is standing for election in Tendring Council’s Cann Hall ward on May 2. The other candidates are John Chittock (Con), Stuart Morgan (Lib Dem), Gina Placey (Tendring First), Ian Whitley (Con) and Simon Wigley (Lab).