Councillor Stock’s self congratulatory remarks reported from his recent statement to other councillors (Gazette, April 4) ought to be used by local teachers as an example of extreme hubris during English lessons.

His comparison between Tendring Council and Parliament is pitiful even more so when he tries to convince us of his cabinet’s ability to make decisions compared to Westminster.

Brexit has certainly provided a great deal of amusement and considerable anxiety but his statement takes the biscuit.

The impasse in Parliament to which he refers as an example of decision-failure is down to his party leader’s ineptitude and former leader David Cameron’s own hubris and arrogance in thinking he would win the 2016 referendum.

Ironically, parliament probably reflects the national mood by being unclear about what decision it wants on the form of Brexit.

Whereas Councillor Stock’s decisions have led to unwanted toilet closures, housing development, neglect of Jaywick, poor services, bin-collection farce, failure to agree a Local Plan, High Street shop closures, and one of the worst recycling records in local government.

Steven Walker

Sunny Point, Walton