STUDENTS are being warned their devices will be confiscated as part of a crackdown on mobile phones at a school in Clacton.

Clacton County High School last year adopted a “soft approach” when in introducing a ban on using mobiles at the site in Walton Road.

But students have been threatened with sanctions – including detention and confiscation - following a “reluctance” by some to give up using their devices.

Chris Taylor, head of school, has now written to parents asking for their support to maintain standards.

He said that despite students initially welcoming the ban, some have been reluctant to give them up.

He added: “When the decision to ban mobile phones from the school site was announced back in October, we were extremely pleased with the positive response received from both students and parents.

“It was introduced with quite a soft approach to get students used to the idea.

“Any student with a visible phone during social times was requested to turn-off and put it away.

“This went extremely well, most students seemed to find a mobile-free day quite refreshing, allowing themselves a break from the constancy of being always in touch.

“However, over the past few weeks we have seen an increase in the use of phones around school and a reluctance to turn them off and put in a bag while here.

“Therefore, from May 1, I will be informing students of a change to the current approach to ensure that phones remain switched off during the school day.”

Mr Taylor said creating a “mobile-free zone” for students will make a difference by ensuring more positive interactions between children and a “breathing space from the trial and tribulations of social media”.