A HEARTBROKEN couple had to throw out 30 bags of toys and clothing due to persistent damp and mould in their home.

Danny Millard and his fiancee Brittanni Hipkin moved into their Colchester Borough Homes property in West Stockwell Street in November 2017.

About a year after moving in they discovered one of the walls in their young boys’ bedroom was soaking wet.

The couple, who have two sons Freddie, two, and Chase, one, have repeatedly reported the problems to Colchester Borough Homes but say nothing has been done.

Danny, 24, said: “Things were going well when we first moved in but it’s just been a downhill slide. “We have had a persistent problem with mould since moving in - it’s on the front door, food cupboards and windows.

“We had our windows changed in May last year and they were meant to have mould repellent sealant but didn’t. One of the windows doesn’t even open.

“In November we thought we had a burst pipe as the wall was soaking wet, you could see the mortar and breeze blocks.

“We had an emergency plumber come out and had a damp inspection in January but they just say it is condensation.

“We have been keeping all the windows open, we have had to throw out about 30 bags of toys, clothes and bedding, some of the stuff money can’t replace and it’s heartbreaking having to throw it away.”

“We are having to chase them up every two days but nothing gets done.

“When we called them they said all the jobs have been completed and signed off, but they haven’t.”

A Colchester Borough Homes spokesman said the team works hard to liaise with tenants and contractors to ensure any issues are effectively dealt with.

They said: “following a damp survey carried out by our contractors at this property in January, the following work has been ordered and undertaken to help improve the problem including adding the home to the insulation programme to start next month and extractor fans installed.

• Insulation: Property added to Insulation Programme – to commence April 2019.

• Extractor Fans: Job raised to Whitehall on 29 January 2019 and set to be completed week commencing 4 March 2019.

• Guttering: Works ordered prior to inspection and were complete by contractors in January 2019.

• New windows were also installed at the property last year as part of the capital improvements programme.

He said: “A portable gas heater was being used at the property, which the tenant was advised on in terms of it adding to the problem.

“We also advised on heating and ventilation, which is the main cause of the condensation.

“Since the surveyor’s visit, our electrical contractor has also been out to visit the tenant to

survey the rooms for the fan installs.

“Our contractors are a professional and reputable company who have many years’ experience in dealing with mould and damp issues.

“Property services use their professional opinion alongside that of our own repairs surveyor to identify causes and correction methods.

“As with all mould and damp issues, and with this specific case of condensation, we aim to work with the tenant in eliminating the cause step by step.

“We will continue to review and monitor the situation following the installation of the extensive works we have planned at the property.”