A LIFEBOAT station’s newest volunteer took to the water following reports of someone in the sea off Clacton.

Crewman Jamie Mallet boarded Clacton RNLI’s D Class inshore lifeboat for the first time to undertake the service at 6.30pm on Friday.

The crew was called out by the UK Coastguard to assist the Clacton Coastguard mobile unit after reports that someone could be in the water.

He was accompanied by experienced crewmember Steve Gill and helmsman Edward Vaughan-Chatfield.

Jamie said: “When I arrived on station and was told I’d be crew, everything went really fast and I didn’t have much time to think of anything until I was in the boat.

“Then I was a bit nervous about what we’d be encountering and whether I’d be able to recall the skills I had learnt so far, but after a short time everything fell into place.”

The lifeboat was stood down by UK Coastguard and returned to station within the hour as nothing untoward was found.

Clacton RNLI’s Richard Wigley said Jamie is one of a number of new crewmen.