A WOMAN with dementia was almost conned out of spending £5,000 on a roof she did not need by rogue traders.

The Confederation of Roofing Contractors, based in Brightlingsea, is a trade association for roofers providing free advice to the public.

Staff there have had numerous calls regarding doorstep pressure selling in Mersea Road, Colchester.

On March 4 an elderly woman in her 80s was spoken to by a man who tried to tell her she needed a new roof.

Thankfully the confederation was notified in time.

Gemma Doherty, media manager at the confederation, said: “We believe these traders travel across the UK targeting elderly, vulnerable people and then moving on so they cannot expect any repercussions.

“We have had an elderly lady with dementia based in Colchester pressure sold into paying £5,000 for a roof she didn’t need. Luckily we were advised straight away and it was stopped before the transaction could go through.

“The same lady then had another roofer come to her house the day after. Luckily her carer was in and was aware of the situation and the man was asked to leave.”

She added: “There seems to be a real spate of this happening at the moment, luckily the people who have contacted us have not had to pay but we hear of things like this every day.

“We would really like to launch a campaign to stop this.”

Gemma added: “We would recommend for them not to do any business with roofers who knock on doors.

“If someone is trying to put pressure on you to buy something then always say no, even if it is something you need done, give it some thought.

“A reputable roofing company will always be there to call if you need them.

“The police should only be contacted if someone is being intimidated or threatened or if a company is trespassing on your property without your permission.

“Door selling is not illegal and people will use this to pressure sell.”

For more information call 01206 306600.