A CLIMATE change activist from Clacton joined protestors on a march to raise awareness of the “dire situation” facing the planet.

A procession organised by Extinction Rebellion saw campaigners parade through Colchester on Saturday to express their concern about the future of the environment and human race.

The march saw a symbolic coffin carried through the town.

Chris Southall, a member of Extinction Rebellion and Clacton Green Party candidate in the 2017 general election, said: “It was very well-attended. There must have been more than 300 people there.

“The issue of climate change and the extinction of different species across the world is critical.

“If nothing is done in the next few years the human race could be facing extinction.

“The government does not take this issue seriously enough.

“They have back-tracked on what was being done to combat climate change, for example with the new Heathrow runway.

“Take the tax of fuel, which not everyone wants, but we have to burn less fossil fuels.”

Mark Goacher, the Green party parliamentary candidate for Colchester, was also at the march.

He called on councils to set a date for when they will become carbon neutral.

He said: “There is a list of councils, both Labour and Tory, across the country which has already done this.

“Nottingham has set a target of being carbon neutral by 2028 and others I think 2030.”

After a successful first march, Extinction Rebellion says it hopes to stage another protest in the town following the strong turnout.

The group was only set up last year to help galvanise people in the fight against climate change and now has branches in towns and cities throughout the UK.

A spokesman said: “Everyone understands that we actually need to be doing something much more urgent about this situation and we are all onboard.

“There were all walks of life here today, old people and younger people who are trying to protect their futures.

“It shows we are here together in solidarity and want to see change.”