LITTLE bookworms enjoyed dressing up in an array of colourful and whacky outfits to celebrate World Book Day.

Around 60 youngsters at Little Pals Day Nursery, in Clacton, joined staff in celebrating loved literary characters.

Gill Smith, director at the nursery, said: “It has gone really well, the turn-out was fantastic as all the staff engaged with the spirit of the day and every child dressed up.

“We’ve had everything from little Minions to the BFG.

“The staff have done really well - one dressed up as Mary Poppins - there has been some real inventiveness.”

Representatives from Penguin Random House, based in Frating, read stories to the youngsters and handed out free books.

Mrs Smith said it is important to impose the importance of books on children at such an early age.

“It’s lovely for the children to be able to hold a book, listen to a story and gain an appreciation of how important books are,” she said.

“Lots of kids have tablets now, and I know my two grandchildren can say to Alexa ‘ Read my bedtime story’.”