AN innovative tutor who teaches sign language to babies as a means of combating postnatal depression is hosting classes in Clacton.

Kate Shaw has been running TinyTalk baby signing classes for three years.

Filled with nursery rhymes, songs and musical instruments, the sessions aim to provide enjoyment and enhance communication between parents and their babies.

Katie said: “Any good parent knows just by looking into their baby’s eyes that their baby understands so much before they are able to talk.

“They have so much to say, but are unable to get their message out verbally.

“Baby signing allows pre-verbal babies to say when they are thirsty or when they are scared.

“The fascinating thing about baby signing is it gives you an insight into how your baby is viewing the world.”

Katie firmly believes her classes offer a way for struggling parents to get out of the house and socialise.

“It’s very isolating for many new parents,” she said.

“Having been used to working in a social environment, they’re now at home without much adult interaction.

“Add to the mix sleep deprivation and hormone changes, it’s almost a recipe for disaster.”

Classes run from 9.45am until 10.45am every Tuesday at Parish Fields Youth and Community Hall, in Plough Corner, Little Clacton.