ANGRY residents are calling for action to tackle mounds of flytipped rubbish which have blighted their road for years.

The unsightly waste, which includes dumped mattresses and bin bags, has been left strewn across the ground behind Dahlia Close, Clacton.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: “We have lived in our property for more than 30 years, as have many others, but families who have rented and moved on have dumped their rubbish and now no-one wants to know.

“Kids are jumping off the garage roofs on to two abandoned mattresses.

“It is dangerous and a disgrace.”

Andy Wood, Clacton county councillor, said: “It is a health hazard for children who play in the area and very unclean, there are likely rats infesting the rubbish.

“I did contact Tendring Council, but was told as it is private land they will not do anything. I have heard rubbish has been left there for up to three years as no-one wants to take responsibility.

“The council must take enforcement action and ensure this area is cleaned up.

“The estate looks really poor due to this rubbish and I am very concerned about the safety issues.”

A Tendring Council spokesman said: “We have not received an official complaint regarding fly-tipping in the garage area in Dahlia Close since 2015.

“If the council receives an official complaint then officers will investigate.”