I was horrified to see the destruction of the Spinney fronting Frinton Station.

I was proud of our small patch of nature, protected from human intervention.

I also enjoyed the sights and sounds emanating from the oasis as I passed occasionally and especially when I arrived home on the train - no longer will that beacon of light shine.

Why did it have to be scoured and flattened so?

Surely there was a more sympathetic approach that could have been taken.

Countless precious creatures lived in that small patch and every one deserved protection from the encroachment of humans, as it had done for countless decades.

Do councillors not realise that this destruction goes against current teaching and that naturalists and scientists are urging everyone to think carefully before encroaching on or changing the balance of nature?

Is this a good example for our children?

Each and every small area of natural habitat is precious.

However, it appears that money and power continues to overrule common-sense and I can only now mourn the countless insects, birds and animals who have lost their homes overnight and possibly their lives.

Not to mention the new life yet to be born this Spring.

A nature reserve cannot be ‘refurbished’!

In the Spinney’s place another human-created garden, sterile initially, but looking “tidy” to some folk I daresay, but no longer a protected habitat where our precious creatures have space to survive.

Now every time I pass the old spinney patch my heart aches for all that has been lost in the name of tidiness - no longer does Frinton Station Spinney whisper of its oneness with nature.

Rosie Scott

Ferndown Road