EVERYONE, regardless of ability, gender, age or creed, has the right to a proper education.

It is shocking to hear an 11-year-old child hasn’t been to school for two years simply because his parents cannot find him a place at a special needs school.

In a country like Britain, no child should be left behind.

Autism is a complex disorder which affects children in different ways.

Many youngsters will struggle to interact socially at a mainstream school and require specialist therapy.

Parents know there are schools which will cater to these needs, but for many they are painfully out of reach.

To know your child is falling behind because the system cannot cater to his needs must be heartbreaking.

The new special school places promised by Essex County Council cannot come soon enough.

Essex County Council plans to spend up to £115 million on creating more than 400 new special school places across Essex including a new £19 million building for Lexden Springs School in Colchester.

With demand rising, these places will soon be snapped up.

Investment is all well and good, but is it enough?