AN ANIMAL charity has slammed a pet owner who exposed his Bengal cats to 31 degree heat.

Monshur Alom, 36, also left ducks outside without fresh food or water for more than a week and has been banned from keeping animals for ten years.

The RSPCA, which prosecuted the case, said the animals were kept in “completely inappropriate” conditions.

RSPCA Inspector Emma Beynon said: “The two Asian leopard cats were being kept in a conservatory at the back of a property, which was being renovated, and the ducks were at the rear of the garden, where the only water they had was dirty and the area was littered with faeces.

“All the animals were left unattended for a period of eight days and their needs had not been met, including failing to provide a suitable diet, suitable environment and reasonable supervision.”

The two cats have been identified as listed under Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 and the defendant did not have a licence.

She added: “The location where the cats were being kept was completely inappropriate and they had little environmental stimulation.

“The RSPCA is deeply concerned about the number of dangerous wild animals being kept as pets. People may buy them with little idea of how dangerous they are, or how difficult they can be to keep which can result in neglect when the novelty wears off and the commitment hits home.”

Chelmsford magistrates were shown graphic images of the animals’ living conditions during an eight-day period last June.

Alom, 36, admitted to three breaches of the Animal Welfare Act.

The animals were being kept at an address in Golf Green Road, Jaywick.

Magistrates ordered Alom, of Sidney Street, London, to carry out 180 hours of unpaid work and pay £685 costs.

It was his first time before the court in relation to animal welfare.