PEOPLE who want to clear space in their wardrobes can trade in unwanted garments for vouchers.

High street clothing giant H&M is giving away a £5 gift voucher to customers who deposit their unwanted clothes in its stores.

The clothing can be from any brand and in any condition.

Simply take a bag of your old garments into the store and deposit it in the collection box or at the checkout.

Then find a member of staff who will assist you in getting your voucher, which can be used in store or online.

The collection bins are split into three separate sections, rewear, reuse and recycle.

Rewear clothes are ones that can be worn again and sold as second-hand clothing.

Reuse means the material made to make the clothing can be turned into other products.

And recycle are the clothes that are returned into their fibre form.

H&M is not the only store that offers this type of clothing scheme.

Supermarket giants Marks and Spencer has been running a similar campaign since 2008.

The store has partnered with Oxfam to make sure unwanted clothes go to a good cause.

Donating a bag of clothing to Oxfam – of which at least one item must be from Marks and Spencer – will earn you a £5 gift card for M&S which can be used when spending £35 or over.

Other nationwide stores that have clothing collection programmes include TK Maxx and Zara.

Find your nearest store on their websites.