COUNCILLORS are calling for action to repair four busy roads in Frinton which are so bad they look like “the surface of the moon”.

Frinton and Walton Town Council has become increasingly concerned at the state of Audley Way, Quendon Way, Central Avenue and Rainham Way.

Although highways authority Essex County Council has been made aware of the problems, the four roads are unadopted and so County Hall is refusing to complete any repairs.

Tendring councillor Robert Bucke said residents had waited long enough for action.

He said: “The four unadopted roads have not been touched for decades.

“You would think you are on the surface of the moon - it is that bad.

“They are used by buses, emergency vehicles, service vehicles and lorries and they have not been repaired for 80 odd years.”

Mr Bucke said it was possible a developer still owned the roads, but Essex Highways had a responsibility to residents to take over their maintenance before things got any worse.

He said: “I am of the opinion the roads are part of the public highway because buses use them.

“There are road signs, white lines and yellow lines but nobody knows who owns them.

“If you drive along them, it is obvious what a priority this should be.

“If you drive at more than 20 miles an hour you will damage your vehicle.”

A spokesman for Essex Highways said: “These roads, or sections of them, remain unadopted by the county council, and so although they are public roads, the council is not legally required to repair and maintain them.”

“It may be that residents who purchased local properties would have been made aware of the situation on their property deeds or otherwise.”