THE filming of a darkly comedic gangster film shot against the backdrop of Clacton’s coast has finished ahead of its expected release.

Lucas and Albert, the first feature film by Longhurst and Putt Productions, follows two ageing hitmen, played by AG Longhurst and James Osborne, who are hired to clean up a bank heist that has gone awry.

The film stars some big TV names, including John Altman, known for his long-running role as Nasty Nick in Eastenders.

Mr Longhurst is hoping for further donations to make sure the film can be finished, promoted and screened.

The team want the film to shine a light on Tendring and hope to host a screening at the Electric Palace in Harwich.

“People said we couldn’t do it, and they have not yet been proved wrong,” said Mr Longhurst.

“But they never thought we would get this far.

“In February we have our wrap party.

“We will be ready for screenings in Spring.

“It will cost money to get there and we are looking for the funds to get us over the finishing line.”

Mr Longhurst hopes the film will be screened at festivals including Sundance and Cannes.

To donate, visit or email