A great Frinton addition for the summer

It is with some dismay that I learn again that our local councillors are dismissing something for local children.

When will they learn that Frinton is not just for the elderly.

When I drive into Frinton there isn’t a big sign saying welcome to Frinton retirement village.

Who would serve the vast elderly population in the area, in the shops etc, if not for the younger generation.

The council planted bushes some years ago on the Frietuna green to stop my children and their friends playing football.

The whole area now looks a mess.

At around the same time electronic ‘mosquitos’ were being used to drive young people away outside shops.

When will councillors learn they are here to serve everyone and not just the retired population.

What a great asset a play area would be to supplement the beach in the summer and be accessible in the winter when the beach is not.

Debbie Hudson