A SCHOOL, hostel and medical centre in a remote part of southwest Africa have received a cash boost from generous Rotarians.

Frinton Rotary Club has supported the Catherine Bullen Foundation for more than ten years.

The foundation was established in memory of a medical student from Mersea Island.

She died, aged just 22, from severe gastro-enteritis while visiting Namibia in 2002.

The latest donation from Frinton Rotary Club will help finance a dormitory and up to date sanitation in the primary school and hostel.

The school and hostel are based at Eiseb, northwest of the capital, Windhoek.

Frinton Rotary club president David Gillies presented a cheque for £400 to Catherine’s parents Roger and Linda Bullen.

Mr Gillies said the club was proud of its links to the charity.

He said: “Because it’s based locally, we are able to monitor all that goes on within the foundation and how the money is spent. This is very important.”

He added: “Over the years we have helped improve a desperately poor region of Africa.”