LIVES are being put at risk because of the lack of stop or warning signs at a busy junction, it has been claimed.

Resident Andrew Finch claims drivers’ using Great Holland Common Road are taking this lives in their hands because there are no slow down or halt signs at its junction with Holland Road.

On Saturday evening, Mr Finch decided to take an unfamiliar route home using the road, something he claims nearly cost him and his family their lives.

Mr Finch said: “We were travelling along a pitch black, 60mph country road when we went straight over the stop lines.

“Thankfully nobody was coming either way as we could have been killed.

“There is not one warning there is a junction or that you should slow down or stop.

“Thinking I would try a new way home after finishing shopping with my family could have cost us our lives.”

Following the incident, Mr Finch went online to report the problem to Essex Highways, but he found several residents had already reported their concerns over the lack of signage at the spot.

Mr Finch said: “Essex County Council know all about it but due to their budget.

“We were lucky on Saturday evening, but why do people have to be ignored on issues of such a serious and potentially devastating nature. Put a sign up and save a life.”

Ward councillor Mark Cossens said there were several other issues residents had raised relating to Great Holland Common Road.

He said: “There are speed issues and it is about time something was done about the amount of potholes and road damage in the area.

“I have had several complaints about speeding and also the fact there are no footpaths for walkers.”

A spokesperson for Essex Highways said there have been three minor injury collisions at the junction in the past few years.

He added: “However it’s not an issue that has been raised with the Tendring Local Highway Panel before.

“The best way to progress any highways issue is to contact your local Essex County Councillor to get their support for raising the problem with the panel, where councillors can decide on any necessary actions.”