A TELEVISION star has suggested Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn should “retire to Frinton” over his stance on Brexit.

Stevie Van Zandt, who starred in Netflix’s Norwegian-American crime series Lilyhammer and gangster series The Sopranos, criticised Mr Corbyn on Twitter.

Van Zandt retweeted a tweet by political news website Politico which said Mr Corbyn will push ahead with Brexit if he becomes Britain’s prime minister, defying calls from within his party to back a second referendum.

But Van Zandt added: “With all due respect, Mr Corbyn needs to retire to Frinton-on-Sea and tend his garden.”

Tory Frinton councillor Nick Turner joked that the left-wing politician would still be welcomed into the genteel resort – which has voted in Conservative district and county councillors and a Conservative MP.

“Mr Corbyn is very welcome here – all are welcome in Frinton,” said Mr Turner.

“It will probably take people here longer to get used him than in other towns, but we would do it,” he joked.