A VULNERABLE woman was rescued after getting stuck in thick mud in “very cold” conditions in Alresford Creek.

Emergency services, including West Mersea RNLI, coastguards and the East of England Ambulance Service, were called to the creek at about 3.30pm on Sunday.

The woman was treated by paramedics after being pulled from a mud bank and taken to Brightlingsea by lifeboat crews.

A spokesman for West Mersea RNLI said she had been in the water but was stuck on a mud bank near the entrance to Alresford Creek, unable to reach the shore.

He said: “The air temperature was about 5C and the water was very cold. An ambulance had been called but as there was no road nearby, the paramedics had to walk a long way along the sea wall to reach the casualty.

“Unable to get her along the long and treacherous path back to the ambulance, the ambulance crew sat with the casualty on the bank until we arrived.

“We arrived on scene, beached the lifeboat and waded through the muddy shallows with our basket stretcher. We then carried the casualty out to the lifeboat, put her aboard and took her to Brightlingsea.

“We then had a bit of a wait as the ambulance crew had a long walk back across the marsh before they could drive down to meet us.”

“We hope the lady is OK.”

Alresford Parish Council chairman Frank Belgrove he understood the woman was OK following the ordeal.

He said: “There were eight rescue vehicles present in total.

“The location was the approach to the old rail crossing, so access was difficult.

“I am aware the creek is becoming increasingly dangerous due to excessive deposits of thick silt and mud at a number of locations.

Colchester Council owns the creek up to the mean high water mark.

“Alresford Parish Council has been raising concerns with Colchester Council, which owns the creek up to the mean high water mark, about safety and we offered to manage the creek on their behalf, but oddly our offer was refused.”

A spokesperson for Colchester Council said: “We have met with Alresford Parish Council multiple times regarding the creek. All of their concerns have been listened to and health and safety inspections have been undertaken.

“The creek has a mooring agreement with Alresford Creek Boat Owners Co-Operative Limited, which is why, at this time, the offer of management of the Creek from Alresford Parish Council has been declined.”