AN ENTREPRENEUR is trying to save the brewing his own beer.

Jason Winter, of Holland on Sea, got the idea for Bumble Beer at university almost a decade ago after reading about the decline of the bee population.

Fast forward seven years and the vegan product is now a reality.

Jason, 27, said: "I had the concept for Bumble Beer about seven years ago when I first started reading about the decline of the bee population in the UK and the world.

"Originally I wanted to brew a honey-infused craft-beer but I have developed the concept somewhat. From originally brewing with honey, to now making it a fully vegan product where it hopefully creates a talking point around saving our bees, sustainability, veganism and eco-conscious causes.

"I decided to pursue this project again as not only hopefully supporting myself through running my own business, but to make a difference and do something with purpose. I greatly want to do some good in this world, and not just make money."

Bumble Beer is currently brewed in London but in time Jason hopes to launch his own brewery somewhere in Essex.

He is now in talks with independent traders to put it in shops across the county and hopes to then expand it into pubs and supermarkets.

In line with the ethics of the beer, Jason has created his own manifesto to show how Bumble Beer will help save the bees.

Among the promises are committing 10 per cent of it’s profits to bee saving charities at the end of each financial year, working only with organic producers and designing new forms of packaging to be truly recyclable.

Jason also wants Bumble Beer to become a zero emissions company within a decade.

He said: "I have always been a creative person and I like the idea that when you buy something you know the money is going directly to the workers.

"Making beer is also incredibly wasteful on water. It takes ten litres of water to make one litre of beer and I would like to reduce this too.

"I think it's incredibly important for all companies to be profitable by doing something for the environment."

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