FIREFIGHTERS were called to a house fire after sunlight on a mirror caused a desk to ignite.

Crews attended the fire which was burning inside a bedroom in a house in Third Avenue, Walton this morning at 11.13am.

The crews from Frinton and Clacton managed to put out the fire by 11.58am.

Firefighters used a saw to cutaway the area of the desk that had been affected, before using positive pressure ventilation fans to clear the room of smoke.

Fortunately, no-one was injured and the house has escaped major damage.

An Essex Fire and Rescue Services spokesman said: “However, this incident shows how easy it is for magnifying or reflective objects to cause fires.

“Please ensure there are no such objects on your windowsills or anywhere in your home where they are in direct sunlight.”

The home had no smoke alarms fitted.

If you don’t have any working smoke alarms in your home visit, to arrange your Home Fire Safety Visit.