ANTI-RACISM protestors gathered outside a primary school which is the subject of legal action over allegations of discrimination and bullying.

Parents Juliet and Adrian Ryan organised the demonstration after withdrawing their son from Holland Park Primary School, in Clacton, over fears for his safety.

The couple, together with fellow parent Saskia King, are suing the school, alleging their children have been racially abused and beaten by fellow pupils.

They say staff did not do enough to tackle the issue.


As the protest progressed, the majority of parents quickly ushered their children out of the school gates while many parents chose not to have their child attend the school that day.

Some stopped to chat with protestors and sign a petition calling for a public inquiry into the allegations.

One dad, who asked not to be named, said: “It is their right to protest of course, but I think most parents just want to get on with things.

“No-one has heard of any racism at the school as far as I am aware.”

Organiser Mrs Ryan said she was baffled as to why parents feared for their child’s safety over the protest.

“I am pleased; it was only a small, peaceful protest and it went well,” she said.

“There were a few people across the road initially shouting at us.

“But we also saw community members support us.”

She added: “I was shocked by some of the fearful reaction to it, blown completely out of proportion.

“The nearby nursery actually closed for fear over children’s safety.


“I’m not quite sure what danger people were expecting at a peaceful protest, but it all went by without any issue of course.

“I wanted to make the school are aware they can’t cover this up, that’s what it feels like they are doing.

“All attempts to work with the school have just failed.”

Supporter Kym Rawlins said: “It is heartbreaking to hear of this kind of bullying in this day and age.

“I can’t understand why the school can’t work with the parents to sort it out.

“This is the place to do a protest as it is the only way to make sure they hear it.”

Holland Park Primary School declined to comment on the protest.