TOWN councillors are set for a major spat over proposals that could see a children’s play area built on Frinton’s iconic Greensward.

Frinton town councillor Terry Allen has requested money is included in next year’s budget for a play area in the town.

But ward councillor Nick Turner was incensed by the idea of the town’s famous seafront greensward being developed.

Councillors previously dubbed the open space “sacrosanct” after fears were raised over local development orders elsewhere in the district, which could have paved the way for limited development without the need for planning permission.

Speaking at a meeting of Frinton and Walton Town Council, Mr Turner said the play area is not needed because there is already one in Roydon Way – one mile from the greensward.

But Mr Allen said: “Our children have to cross a major road to get there – and it’s a very long walk.

“All the other areas have their play areas.

“I can’t see why there’s such an objection to children needing a play area.”

But Mr Turner defended keeping the green free from development.

“We’ve got the Greensward,” he said. “We don’t need [a play area].

“It isn’t needed and will never be needed.

“We’ve got the whole of the Greensward there for children to play on if they wish to – and they do and they have a wonderful time on it.

“They don’t need urban solutions to a rural area.”

But Mr Allen hit back: “They can’t play safety on the Greensward because you’ve got people flying kites, people with aeroplanes and ordinary kites jumping up and down.

“The whole place is like a sports field now – and then you get the tractor coming along to cut the grass.

“We’re talking about children, from infants up to the ages of eight nine, ten.

“You keep on about ‘we’re going to have trouble’.”

But Mr Turner interjected: “You may, I certainly don’t. I shall be voting against this.”

The council’s estimates committee will discuss next year’s budget - including any funding for the play area - at a meeting today.

A final decision will be made by the full council on January 10.