HOLLAND Residents’ Association collected hundreds of items during its final beach clean of the year.

The initiative, organised by the association’s environment officer Susan Beeney, saw volunteers and county councillor Colin Sargeant take to the beaches to collect rubbish.

The haul included 167 pieces of cellophane plastic, 69 pieces of packaging, six wet wipes, seven straws, 12 plastic lids, lino flooring and fireworks.

There was also a cigarette lighter, cigarette butts, pieces of fishing line, string and rope, as well as lots of tiny pieces of plastic, tissues, cotton bud sticks, plastic bottles and cups, cutlery and metal cans.

Chairman Verity Coulthard said: “Please help protect our environment and wildlife by picking up the litter on the beach when you are out walking, everything helps.”

The next beach clean will not take place until next year.