A TOWN council has announced £250,000 plans to improve Brightlingsea’s Waterfront Square.

Preliminary plans have been drawn up for a new square opposite Colne Yacht Club.

The project would be mainly funded by a European Union fund for projects in the Channel area.

The deal is the EU fund covers about 60 per cent of the cost, and Brightlingsea will make up the remaining money.

A total of £3million of EU funds has been pledged to spend on various projects in the town.

The money would be guaranteed and will not be affected by Brexit.

Ben Smith, mayor of Brightlingsea, said he wanted to keep the use of the Waterfront Square as flexible as possible.

He said: “We want it to be used for events or lighting beacons, or stall holders can use it for the Regatta.

“It will flood occasionally and the reason is because if we didn’t want it to flood we would have to raise the level of the square so high it would impact on the view of the yacht club.

“They have also applied for grants to refurbish the club and this square would marry into those plans.

“If it turns out we could not get the EU money the town council would look at other ways to get it so it won’t be shelved.”

Early stage drawings have been made up and final details will be drawn up following a consultation. There are also plans to build a new skate park and improve the lido.