BRAVE veterans of the Second World War paid a visit to a nursery to speak to youngsters about their service.

Oakwood Infant and Nursery School, in Clacton, welcomed the heroes as part of its Remembrance Day commemorations.

The veterans joined the children for a special service, where the pupils learned about what happened during the war and why it is important to mark the anniversary of its end.

They joined their voices to sing renditions of Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye and We’ll Meet Again.

Following the service, the veterans showed the youngsters a specialist Army vehicle and talked with them about about the origin of the poppy.

They spoke of the memorial plaques which were handed out to the wives of soldiers who did not return from the field of battle, and the letters they received from King George V.

The group then bridged the generation gap by enjoying lunch together.

Debra Fairhead, catering manager, said: “Our veteran visitors enjoyed sharing their stories with the children, being involved in lots of activities and making lots of memories.

“The veterans were impressed with the children’s impeccable behaviour.

“I would like to thank all the staff who helped make this special day possible.”

The event was organised by the Rev Sean Fountain, who led the service, together with Debra and the rest of the catering team.