Schools and colleges are being given the opportunity for their pupils to experience a realistic surgical dissection of a human body.

Fresh from an appearance on BBC's Dragons' Den programme in the summer, Operating Theatre Live has announced plans to visit schools across the country and give pupils the chance to become a trauma doctor for the day.

During the intensive experience, students will work through a complete dissection of the human body and be taught a variety of important clinical skills like interpreting X-rays.

Anatomist Samuel Piri is director of Operating Theatre Live.

He said: "I personally write the academic content and produce all of the activities myself.

"Me and my team guarantee you a breath-taking, unforgettable trip through the human body like never before.

"Each student will leave stretched and challenged having made measurable progress against the science specification, we've got them all covered."

GCSE and A-Level specifications are available.

Schools can host events themselves, or organise for groups of students to attend separate events elsewhere.

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