A LEARNER driver led police on a six-mile low speed car chase where he barely exceeded 30mph.

Police were on patrol on the A133 near Great Bentley when they noticed a Volkswagen Golf was being driven at 25mph in a 60mph zone just before 9pm.

The officers followed the car – which was being driven by Ebrima Samateh – as it headed into Frating not exceeding 35mph, frequently applying the brakes for no apparent reason and taking corners even slower.

Drivers coming from the other direction also flashed their lights as they passed Samateh, and officers behind suspected he was displaying full beam headlights constantly.

He then turned left to Elmstead Market and continued to drive towards Colchester.

The chasing officers indicated for him to stop but Samateh did not react to the flashing blue lights.

As they called for backup, he twice veered left as if he was going to stop but then continued on his way.

An unmarked police car joined the chase at the traffic lights at the junction of the A133 and the B1028 near Clingoe Hill, Colchester, and pulled in front of the Golf to stop him moving forward.

Samateh tried to reverse away but officers approached him and he was arrested.

Police believed the nature of his driving meant he would fail a drink or drugs test, but he was negative for either.

On the day he told police on the day in March he was just tired and was working long hours to provide for his family.

Samateh, 42, who has never passed a full driving test, admitted driving without due care and attention and driving without an appropriate licence before an appearance at Colchester Magistrates’ Court.

Representing himself, he told the court he believed the car had a fault which is why he drove so slowly.

He said: “It is something I regret.

“It had a problem with the gears which is why I was travelling at such a low speed.

“I was called to go to work and had no access to public transport at that time so decided to use my car.”

Samateh works as a carer and was picking up extra hours for an agency in Weeley on the day. He was travelling back to his home in Holt Drive, Colchester, when spotted by police.

Magistrates banned him from any kind of driving for six months and told him saying his slow speeds were a danger to other motorists.

He was also fined £330 fine and must pay £90 costs and a £33 victim surcharge.