POLICE seized a moped after it was spotted being ridden dangerously along the sea wall in Jaywick.

A spokesman for the Tendring Community Policing Team said officers were called to the scene, off Sea Glebe Way, on Wednesday night.

The bike was then seized using a Section 59 notice, which gives police the power to seize vehicles for careless driving.

The action comes after similar measures were taken in Brightlingsea last week.

He added: "Officers seized the moped after receiving several calls relating to it being ridden dangerously along the sea wall.

"We have a range of powers to tackle this sort of antisocial behaviour and appreciate people's help in letting us know when its happening."

Dan Casey, Jaywick's Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator, said there have been numerous reports of vehicles being driven dangerously in the area.

He said: "It is very stupid to ride any such vehicles along the sea wall. They could easily hurt someone - or even themselves.

"I have heard numerous reports of dangerous driving and antisocial driving in the area with both mopeds and bicycles.

"I very much welcome the police taking action here and removing such a menace from the seafront."

Tendring Community Policing Team also issued a Section 59 notice on another young driver from Brightlingsea on October 1.

The spokesman said action was taken following various reports of vehicles being driven through the town in an antisocial manner in recent weeks.

He added: "We want to make it clear that we will take your vehicle from you if it continues.

"We would encourage the local community to keep reporting this behaviour."

Anyone with information about antisocial driving in Jaywick or Brightlingsea should call Essex Police on 101.