A HIGH profile bike sale has led to warnings about opportunistic thieves.

With 50 per cent off cycles at a high street retailer, PC Adam Westall of Clacton Police is concerned that more new bikes will be bought than usual - and that rogues will be out in force to take advantage.

He said: "I would like to prevent the heartache, crime figures and paperwork by simply reminding people never to leave their bikes exposed to opportunistic criminals.

"Please lock your bikes up with a substantive quality lock to a permanent fixture."

The officer added that bike owners can attend Clacton Police Station where he or a PCSO will postcode their property, with a photo taken and the serial number stored.

Engraving will also be offered at a mobile community van on Pier Avenue in Clacton, with times and dates at essex.police.uk when they are available.

PC Westall added: "This simple action enables the police to reunite the owners of the bike if lost, found or stolen.

"It really is a great tool to be used against the prevention and detection of crime and disorder."