ONE could hardly expect Tendring Council's Draft Community Strategy to rank alongside Harry Potter in the enjoyable reading stakes.

However, bearing in mind it is looking into the future and how this area should be in 2016, some might claim it is just as fictional (see page 6).

However, criticisms have been made this week that the document lacks anything particularly inspirational or ambitious.

Its detractors say the major projects listed are already in the pipeline, others are obvious (like the hope national retailers will move into Clacton following town centre regeneration) and others, like "home computing becoming more persuasive" are blindingly obvious.

There is no point in the council producing a report that is packed with unachievable promises of turning the area into Shangri-la, however, it is easy to find some sympathy with criticisms that it lacks a little ambition.

While the reader does not expect to find as much excitement in its pages as the Quidditch World Cup, its content is not likely to become a major talking point around town.

It is not the officers' fault of course, the document simply reflects what the politicians have asked for.

It is up to them to ask themselves if in 2016 they will look back and be proud of this document or see it as regrettable lost opportunity for real ambition and progress.

Read it for yourself and have your say.