BOSSES at Clacton Pier are looking to recruit a number of key posts following the landmark’s new £4 million development.

The completion of the first phase of the project has led to minor restructures in various areas with six significant roles at senior and mid-level management up for grabs as part of the changes.

The pier is searching for a general manager to work back to back with the current operations manager, a rides operations manager with an engineering background, two people at mid-level management to oversee the day to day operations in the new Discovery Bay area, including a restaurant and coffee shop.

A general engineering position also needs to be filled in the technical services team as well as a finance and accounts team member for the main office.

Managing director Billy Ball, said: “These jobs have been created as part of our ongoing expansion and we are looking for people who can bring some extra skills."

Anyone interested in these positions should contact the pier’s office manager by sending their CV to