The family of a girl who battles a rare chromosome disorder have been left overwhelmed after the community rallied round to se - cure her a vital piece of specialist equipment.

More than £2,000 has been raised to ensure funds are available to buy Grace Hanningan, 12, a new mobility buggy which will allow her to leave the house and continue exercising.

Grace, who suffers from the rare 2Q37.3 Deletion syndrome which reduces muscle tone, increases hypermobility and causes autistic behaviour, was left distraught after an inspection found wear and tear had left her current buggy unsuit - able for use.

With the NHS unable to fund a new one, Grace’s family, who live in Dudley Road, Clacton, issued a desperate appeal on Facebook to help raise the £2,000 needed to buy a new one.

Grace’s mum Tracey said: “The NHS agreed she still needed a new one but they said she was no longer eligible for funding. They wanted to take the old buggy away because it was too expensive to repair but I couldn’t let them.

“If Grace hasn’t got a buggy then she can’t go out because she isn’t able to stand for long.

“We put something up on Facebook about it and the scouts said leave it to us.”

The 7th Clacton Scouts organised a car wash which helped to raise more than £550, while the 1st St Oysth Scouts donated £400, which had been raised courtesy of bag packing event.

A further £935 was raised through a gofundme page, while kind donations from friends, colleagues and other family members helped the Hannigan’s smash their initial target of £2,000.

It is hoped the estimated final total of £2,409 will not only help secure a new buggy for Grace, but will also be put towards the purchase of a new parasol and umbrella which can be attached to the chair.

Tracey added: “I think we are all just stunned at how amazing everyone has been. People have been so generous and it really is overwhelming they have put themselves out to help Grace.

“Grace is the type of person you don’t forget, she’s cheeky and everyone always seems to remember her. It’s so important that she has a buggy to get around.”