POLICE will be out on foot patrol this afternoon and throughout the evening as England fans watch the World Cup semi-final in suspense.

Inspector Darren Deex, of the Tendring Community Policing Team said: “England’s progress through this World Cup campaign has been great to watch and there is understandably a real buzz of excitement across the entire country.

“We want people in Tendring to enjoy the semi-final match tonight and for it to be a fun and safe environment for everyone who ventures out to the towns or their local pubs.

“We will have officers out on foot patrol this afternoon and throughout the evening.

“We’re not there to ruin the party but to provide reassurance to local residents and to encourage people to drink and behave responsibly.

“Reaching the final on Sunday will be a remarkable achievement – let’s all celebrate it in the right way if it happens”.

If you are planning on venturing out tonight for the match have a great time and keep safe; this includes drinking responsibly and respecting others during and after the match, no matter what the result.