A CHARITY has made an urgent appeal to raise £1,000 for pay for a life-saving operation for a mum thousands of miles away in Africa.

Benin Christian Support, based in Thorpe-le-Soken, is desperate to fund surgery for Gobi Roubayath.

Gobi's husband Vincent acts as an interpreter for the charity's volunteers when they visit the impoverished west African country, which is one of the poorest in the world.

But she is now laying seriously ill in hospital.

The charity has already paid for initial medical tests to be carried out.

They revealed Gobi, 34, is severely anaemic and needs an urgent operation for a hysterectomy and to remove of a small part of her bowel.

Charity spokesman Maureen Sanders said: "They are really nice people but they have no money and Gobi is in agony.

"When we go to Benin, her husband is one of the people we can use as an interpreter.

"They are very poor and he had a very bad accident which we helped him get through.

"Her family disowned her when she converted to Christianity.

"Gobi sells rice in the market which is how they survive, and they have a lovely daughter who is about seven.

"But people in Benin are unable to have medical treatment unless they can pay up front, so Gobi will be left to die unless we do something.

"It's dire – we are so fortunate to have a national health service in the UK.

"When you know someone quite well, how can you let them die – it's not an option.

The charity has raised thousands of pounds over the years to help fund life-saving operations in Benin, thanks to big-hearted Gazette readers.

Maureen said: "People have been brilliant responding to our appeals in the past.

"Someone has lent us the money to carry out his operation because it needs doing now. We are just hoping and praying people will help us to repay it."

Donations can be paid into the charity's HSBC bank account, sort code 40-21-25, account number 11392840. Cheques made out to Benin Christian Support can be sent to The Annexe, The White House, High Street, Thorpe-le-Soken, CO16 0EF.

For more information call Maureen on 01255 862618.