A BLACK student who was racially abused by his classmates moved from London to Clacton for a more peaceful life after his friend was murdered, it has been revealed.

The 15-year-old Clacton County High School student, who does not wish to be named, was left upset after fellow students scrawled offensive comments on his school shirt.

The remarks were inked during a shirt-signing session to celebrate the end of GCSE exams on Friday.

He was left “shocked and shaken” to see the abusive comments when he arrived home.

The boy’s mum Juliet Ryan, 47, said: “Unknown to him some students decided to write racist messages on his back the N-word, c**n was written twice and ‘Go back to the jungle’.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: The racist messages left on a school shirt at Clacton County High school, in Essex. See Masons copy MNRACE: A young boy is now petrified of leaving his home after being caught in a RACIST attack after having n***** and "go back to the jungle" wr

“Due to racism my son did not have many friends at the school as he had endured many racist episodes which I did complain to the school about.

“In no way was this a joke of playful banter.

“When my son returned home from school he didn’t know what was written on his back.

“I began reading his shirt and on the front - there appeared to be the usual farewell wishes and signatures.

“As I looked at the back of the shirt is when I saw the offensive terms.

“I immediately asked him to take off the shirt and I showed him the racist remarks. He was really shocked and shaken.”

Juliet claims her son is the only black pupil in his year and has been abused racially by the school’s pupils for the last few years.

“This is a serious incident and I want to find out who is responsible for such a heinous act,” she added.

“I met with the principal Neil Gallagher and the safeguarding lead Judy and we discussed what had happened, he seemed sympathetic and was apologetic. “

“Later that day they informed me that they completed an online incident report and were checking CCTV, they told me in advance however that the area was crowded so it may be difficult.

“My son’s last day was destroyed, he had tolerated racial abuse for the last few years and this was just simply the last straw for all of us.”

Juliet revealed her family moved from Newham in east London for a more peaceful life after her son’s friend was murdered.

The homeless charity CEO said her family’s dream move away from the troubles had “turned to a nightmare”.

“My friend’s son was murdered in London and I got fed up with the sirens going all night,” she said.

“It was a dangerous place with some bad people so I was delighted when I saw a home for sale and moved to Clacton. But the dream has turned to a nightmare.”

The family now plans to return to London.

Mr Gallagher said he was “shocked and appalled” by the racist abuse.

“We always act swiftly and decisively whenever any incidents that fall below our expectations are brought to our attention,” he said.

He said: “This incident was immediately reported to the police by the school and we will conduct a full investigation.”

The school says it will pass the matter over to the police when they have identified the culprit.

Mr Gallagher added: “On behalf of the entire school community, I offer my sincere apologies to the victim and his family.”