A DESPERATE woman was forced to urinate in the street as PCSOs refused to let her spend a penny.

Officers arrested Kim Windle near her home in The Parade, Walton, for shoplifting from Tesco in the High Street last month.

The 30-year-old explained she needed the toilet and was happy for officers to accompany here to the toilet nearby as they waited to be transferred to Clacton police station.

After 45 minutes Windle could not cope any longer and relieved herself in the street.

When she was arrested for shoplifting, Windle had chosen herself a bottle of cider before being bundled out of the store by security guards while still holding the booze.

Unbeknownst to her, she was banned from the store at the time and couldn’t pay as she was escorted outside.

She admitted disorderly behaviour and theft at Colchester Magistrate’ Court where she was handed a conditional discharge.

Lucy Osborne, mitigating said: “She didn’t want to do it - nobody would - and it was humiliating for her.”

Windle must pay £2 compensation to Tesco.