DAREDEVIL teddy-bears are sky-diving off Walton's Naze Tower this weekend – and hoping they don't get blown out to sea!

Children are being urged to take their favourite teddies along and make and decorate a parachute for them at a special workshop.

The courageous cuddly toys will then go to the top of the 86ft tower and take the plunge while their excited owners watch from below.

The iconic landmark celebrates its 300th birth day in 2020 – but this is the first time terrified teddies have been given the chance to parachute from its roof.

The tower's Emma Eagle said: "We want lots of brave bears to come along.

"We did some tests the other day and it was interesting to see just how far they went – it was quite a long way.

"We are hoping the wind direction stays the same ... so they don't go toward the cliff!"

The workshop costs £4 and starts at 11am on Saturday. Jumping begins at 1pm.

On Sunday tower owner Michelle Nye-Brown will give a tour and talk about the tower in the Second World War.

She is joined by World War II veteran Bill Woollard who was a chief stoker stationed on Roughs Tower – now known as Sealand – off the Walton coast.

It costs £5, including admission to the tower, and is at 11.30am. Places are limited and can be booked on 01255 852519.

The events are part of a 1940s weekend at the Naze.

The tower tea room is also serving war-time sweet treats such as cream teas, Scotch shortbread, gingerbread men and bread pudding.

Emma said: "The Naze Visitor Centre is running lots of events with tanks and military vehicles and displays.

"It should be a really good, fun weekend and we are really looking forward to the teddy bear parachute jump."