A PLUCKY pug has been hailed a wonder dog after learning how to revive her owner when she has a fit and passes out... with canine kisses.

Amanda Saw, 44, from Clacton, became paralysed in her left leg after suffering a series of devastating strokes last year.

She was also left with epilepsy which means she has frequent fits which can leave her unconscious on the floor.

But now pet pooch Luna has learned to come to the rescue and licks Amanda’s face until she comes round.

Daughter Rhianna Surridge, 19, trained the pug after seeing other dogs helping their poorly owners on television.

Amanda said: “I had three strokes which left me paralysed and with epilepsy.

“I have fits every two or three days. I can be talking to you and the next minute I’m gone without any warning.”

It took college student Rhianna, who is also her mum’s full-time carer, just a month to teach Luna how to react in a sudden emergency.

When the pint-sized pooch sees Amanda lying on the floor she races over on her little legs and keeps licking her face until she regains consciousness.

“She knows when something is wrong,” said Amanda.

“I just wake up to find her licking my face.

“It does feel funny, but I’ve got used to it now.

“Without Luna it would take me longer to come round.

“I could be lying there for some time with no one to help me and I would probably need an ambulance by then and medication from the paramedics.”

Amanda got Luna a year ago when she was just a six-month-old puppy.

“We weren’t even sure if she would understand English because she was born in Lithuania,” said Amanda.

“But now I know I’m safe when I have a fit because she will bring me around.

“She’s our little star – and she’s my hero.”