A VILLAGE has been “wiped from the map” claim angry residents who say poor diversion signs have left drivers struggling to find Great Bromley.

Councillor Fred Nicholls hit out at Essex County Council for signing off the diversion notices for the closed Hare Green junction on the A120.

The turn-off is shut while Highways England builds a new £3million roundabout at the accident blackspot.

Mr Nicholls said: “The sign at Horsley Cross is totally misleading and there is no mention of Great Bromley.

“It says ‘Diversion Harwich Road closed’ – which Harwich Road? It is as though they have wiped Great Bromley off the map.”

Mr Nicholls said businesses are being affected,as well as delivery drivers and buses.

Robert Day, who runs the Courthouse pub in Great Bromley, said everyone supports the new roundabout but there needs to be better signage.

He added: “We even had a wake where the main bulk of the cars missed the turning and had to go 14 miles to come here.”

He said the official diversion takes drivers all the way from Horsley Cross to Weeley via Tendring and then back up to Frating.

Adam Barham, director of Panther Travel buses, said the company wasn’t aware the junction was being closed.

He said: “On the first day we were not aware of the closure until we saw the barriers so the children on board ended up being late.

“We are a registered bus service so we should have been made aware.

“There are so many signs about closures on the road at the moment its hard to work out which ones relate to what.”

An Essex Highways spokesman said they signed off the diversion plans which were then a matter for Highways England and their traffic management company.

Highways England had not commented at the time of going to press.